Ziva Jelin (b.1962)

The Bauhinia Avenue, 2016

Acrylic and wall paint on canvas

Measurement: 204 x 130 CM

Estimated price: $18,000 - $25,000

Ziva Jelin is an artist and the director and curator of Be’eri Gallery. Born and raised in Be’eri, her works are based on photos of the kibbutz and feature trees, buildings, grass, and sidewalks. Her realistic depictions are then covered in strong red paint that creates another time sphere, freezing and suffocating the time and air. The red surface is burning, warm, frightening, emotional, and erotic, all at once. From Jelin’s point of view, the redness expresses her love for the people and the place; however, following October 7, the stark colors covering the kibbutz’s depiction might induce other associations. Several of Jelin’s artworks were damaged during the attack on Be’eri.