Amit Berman (b.1994)

In the Midst of a Whirlwind, 2023

Oil on canvas

Measurement: 100 x 130 CM

Estimated price: $2,800 - $3,000

Amit Berman’s paintings depict domestic, everyday moments, exploring intimacy infused with existential human insecurities. Berman’s process starts with his photography which acts as the initial inspiration for his paintings of contemporary queer life and identity. Although melancholia and loneliness are recurring themes in his oeuvre, Berman’s paintings use a bright, pastel color palette alongside playful and nostalgic motifs, thus creating a delicate balance between his subject matter and aesthetic approach. This tension generates a safe space that constantly shifts between desire and fear, romance, vulnerability, and loneliness. Recently he has exhibited internationally, including exhibitions in Tel Aviv, New York, and Lanzarote (Spain).