Guy Yanai (b.1977)

Chairs and Table, 2023

Oil on canvas

Measurement: 60 x 80 CM

Estimated price: $17,000 - $22,000

Guy Yanai’s paintings are characterized by bold colors, simplified shapes, and a flattened depth of field. In his work, the banal is reduced to geometric segments in a stripping away references to the tangible world in favour of a visual experience that is more akin to digital imagery—drawing landscape images from his wanderings around the globe or French filmography scenes that he reminisces through, for example. Yanai often chooses everyday objects and spaces as his subjects, flattening and abstracting them in a way that seems removed and objective. Yanai’s works have been exhibited at KÖNIG GALERIE, Praz-Delavallade, Haifa Museum of Art, and the Ashdod Museum of Art, among other institutions.