Nir Hod (b.1970)

Echo of Memories, 2023

Oil on canvas

Measurement: 64 x 79 CM

Estimated price: $20,000 - $28,000

Nir Hod is one of the most well-known Israeli artists working today. Drawing from his memories as well as harrowing historical events, Hod instills a delicate tension that challenges the viewer’s expectations through his use of material. He is known for his chrome canvases, a result of a unique method he developed. Through a meticulous and at times ruthless approach, the canvases are manipulated through the use of ammonia, acids, and air pressure over washes of oil underpainting. These create reflective sheens that shift between the abstract and figurative. Hod’s works were exhibited at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum, The Israel Museum, Jack Shainman Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Oostende, and The Flag Art Foundation, among other institutions. Artwork courtesy of Michael Kohn Gallery